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Our Story

Wild Indigo & Juniper believes in a mindful, sustainable way to live comfortably. Our artisan, coconut blend candles & home scents are handcrafted in small batches from a studio in Oak Park, IL.

Our renewable, premium materials & responsible packaging are locally sourced. All of our products are Vegan & Soy Free.

Why Coconut Wax?

Coconut wax is created from the internal coconut flesh.


Coconut wax is currently the most sustainable & accessible natural wax available in the USA. Coconut wax is a creamy, softer wax that allows for a cleaner, safer burn than many wax alternatives. The soft wax of coconuts allows candles to have a stronger scent throw as well. 


A core value of Wild Indigo & Juniper is sustainability. Coconuts are able to be more sustainably farmed, as well as pesticide-free.


While soy wax is the most common natural wax for candles because it is cheap & widely available, there are some negative implications with soy wax. There are negative environmental impacts of soybean overcultivation & pesticides are commonly used in soybean farming, plus soy is a common allergy & burning soy candles may cause mild allergic reactions.



We offer our eco-luxe home scents in candles & wax melts. Discover our variety of core collection scents & curated seasonal collections!


"We (Boyfriend & I) Both Really Like The Fig + Black Currant Candle! I Love That These Candles Last So Freaking Long, There is Always a Candle Burning at My Place!"

Shirley, Chicago

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